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Rose Petroleum plc ("VANE")

Rose Petroleum plc is a natural resources company focussed on unconventional gas exploration in Europe, gold/silver mining in Mexico, and Uranium and Copper exploration on the US. The company was renamed from VANE Minerals plc in Augist 2013. VANE originally listed on AIM in 2004. Its financial affairs have been managed by Watson Morgan and its predecessor, CTL, since the the company was formed in 2002. We have been closely involved in all of the fund-raising activity that the company has undertaken, including the flotation of the company on AIM in June 2004.

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3Legs Resources plc ("3Legs")

3Legs is an investment company with a diverse range of investments in the oil and gas exploration business. Watson Morgan manages all of the UK accounting matters for the company and assists in the management of overseas subsidiary accounting and preparation of group-wide management accounts.

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Eclipse Colours Ltd

Eclipse is a Yorkshire-based company which manufactures colourants for the plastics industry. Watson Morgan provides outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for the company.

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