Many long-established businesses rely on paper records which have served their owners well over many years. Owners and managers develop their own key performance indicators by which they manage the business and which are perfectly adequate in a steady-state environment.
The situation changes when a disruptive event ocurrs. For example, new investment is sought to fund expansion, the business is the subject of a takeover, or the business itself wishes to undertake an acquisition which would then involve merging accounting records. In this type of scenario the owners have to convince third parties of the financial situation of their business, which may involve updating or even computerising records from scratch.
That is where Watson Morgan can help. We are experienced in analysing financial records, determining the required solution to meet the need, and carrying out the necessary work to enable the provision of accurate financial information to third parties, and to enable integration of financial information from multiple sources.
If your business is about to experience a disruptive event, please contact us to discuss your options.
Investigative and reconstructive accounting